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Urumi Beauty is a skincare brand that's all about helping you look and feel your best. Our products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin, but still effective. Whether you're looking to clear up acne, reduce signs of aging, or just hydrate your skin, Urumi Beauty has something for you.

We're all about having fun with skincare, so our products are always playful and innovative. We also believe that skincare should be affordable, so our products are always priced within reach.

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dark spots are gone before I am 1/2 of the way through the kit, thank you so much!

Urumi Beauty - Eureka Skin kit

Eureka, is right!! The entire product line is phenomenal!! Literally saw and felt a difference in my skin immediately after one full wash (wash, toner & moisturizer) — I suggest purchasing the Holy Roses Oil in addition!! I add a wee little drop with the moisturizer to finish! Truly, life and game changing. Thank you Urumi beautyyy 🖤💗✨🖤💗

Saturday Mornings- Fruit Loops Foaming Sugar Scrub
Emily Taylor

highly recommend if you just want the smell of Fruit Loops but if you want it just for the simple fact it has sugar scrub Fruit Loops in it, don’t get it because it doesn’t have what it shows in the pictures.

I absolutely love it!

I was referred to this product by another user. I've never really used face mask, but wanted to start heavily maintaining the smoothness of my facial skin. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. As soon as I use it, my face glows and everyone notices it! It makes my skin so clear and shiny! It's such a confidence booster!

Super fast shipping

I received my bottle today after a recommendation from a trusted source. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but am looking forward to checking it out.

Thank you so much for shipping so quickly. <3


I got this as trial to use before it was listed on the site. it's been just over 15 days and I don't need to wait any longer to post. EVERYTHING from this store has been amazing to use, I don't know how she does it, but the owner really knows her way with hair and skin.

Its Magic in a bottle!

Ever since I got this soap I have been floored by how it makes my skin feel! As soon as I opened the bottle it smelled like magic, it froths up quite nicely and the local delivery was an awesome touch. The boxing was spectacular and I cant wait to use it, its really made me love washing my face and I never thought I would say that. This is the truth!


This mask is on par with the ones I get from sephra and pay 75 for. This works so well! It does tingle more than the p3 which I also grabbed, but it is not irritating. After, my skin is super soft and GLOWING. I am happy to be here before this brand blows up, this is such a find for a really well made aha mask.

Baby Butt Skin

I've been using this product for about three or four days instead of rosehip oil in my skincare routine and my skin looks fantastic right now - for example, I typically break out after any exfoliation at least a little bit but last night even after using a really intense clay mask my skin is completely blemish free and perfectly soft and moisturized. I've realized almost immediately that whatever oil I was using was way too heavy because my pores are already shrinking a little bit, and when I woke up this morning and touched my cheeks they felt like a baby's butt that had been kissed by Jesus himself.


This hemp lube has a really nice minty tea tree smell, the liquid is satin-y and not too runny/thick. The 🌲has an excellent relaxing effect and the terpenes give a little bit of sensual tingle, both aiding to intensify pleasure. The lube comes in a glass vial-so you know it is sanitary and all natural ingredients you can feel good about slathering all over your intimates 😉... Would recommend and WILL be buying again! 💞💞

Holy Roses Acne Clearing Oil
Jessie Rae Perkins
Amazing face oil

I've been using this face oil for over a month now, (I wanted to give my skin a while to adjust my skin is stubborn) and my skin texture has completely changed! It is so smooth and looks more even than it ever has. This face oil is seriously amazing! 👏 I don't have a before photo sadly but trust me my skin is never this smooth/clear!


This changed my skin. I’ve had super hyperpigmentation and I’m starting to feel and see the difference. I’m so used to dark spots that I’m real happy i got this. Also on the payment plant so thanks.

I’m sending pics from July and ones i took today.

Works Good

it works so good i feel so much better i will buy more

Eureka! Skin Kit ⚡️
Allyson Crawford
I love it but

I love this stuff but I never received my latest order after reaching out multiple times


I love it! My hair is amazing.


I love the products I receive from this company. Extreme Hair Growth is amazing. My hair is growing just like it said it would. I will continue to buy products from this company.

Vanilla Buttercream Body Mist
Kamisha Lewis

Vanilla Buttercream Body Mist


very good

Eureka collection

I love this collection with the Holy Roses oil!! Been using it for about a month and I am learning to love my skin thanks to this!

Holy Yoni Feminine Wash
Hammond Manuel
My Spouse loves this!

Noticed I have yet to review this and wanted to let you know this is the absolute truth. I actually was here to purchase it again and noticed Id yet to leave a review. Its phenomenal and literally my partners favorite feminine wash. It beats anything you could get at big box store or from a big brand!

Eureka! AHA Daily Moisturizer

Makes my skin feel silky for hours and even overnight. Great for winter skin too.


Quick acting and all around amazing. Doesn't mess with my ph and my partner loves it too. I bought a second bottle because damn, it's used often.

Eczema be damned.

Urumi Beauty's Shea Nilotica Whipped Hydrobutter is an absolute game changer for me and my struggle with eczema.

I swear by this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a complete moisturizer. All natural, organic and also great for children with eczema.

Vanilla Buttercream Body Frosting
Kenisha Green

Vanilla Buttercream Body Frosting

Euphoria Cbd Lube
Hammond Manuel

We got this due to the last sitewide sale and having loved every single thing we have gotten from Urumi beauty! This is no exception my partner and I love this lube and it is a first pick every time! Cant wait to try the high dose one! 10000/10 FULLY SATISFIED